Gledhill Stainlesslite HP SOL 300 Litre

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Gledhill Heat Pump Unvented Stainless Cylinder with solar coil - HP300INDSOL.

Gledhill have produced an unvented stainless steel unit specifically for heat pump applications providing mains pressure domestic hot water. Utilising the well established Gledhill Stainless Lite unvented hot water cylinder, this product has been developed to maximise the lower temperatures available from the heat pump.

The heat exchanger is a totally new design. It consists
of a multi-pass corrugated stainless steel tube in parallel
to reduce the pressure loss whilst maximising the heat exchange. Many medium to large heat pumps need heat exchangers in the store that will cope with the higher flow rates associated with primary temperatures that are typically
50 ̊C or 60 ̊C.

All the usual features of the Gledhill Stainless Lite are maintained together with all the necessary controls and expansion devices included.

Due to the fact that many heat pumps will not raise the stored water temperature to 60 ̊C, which is necessary to prevent the growth of legionella, the Stainless Lite HP model is supplied with an immersion heater and a thermostat.

It is recommended that a thermostat is fitted which brings the immersion heater ‘on’ at a temperature just below the heat pump maximum and switches off at 60 ̊C or 65 ̊C. In this way the use of ‘direct’ electricity is minimised and most of the water heating is achieved through the heat pump.

The key features of the Stainless Lite HP SOL are;

The latest and highest quality Duplex Stainless Steel.

Fast reheat rate from its purpose designed low resistance coil.

One of the highest insulation ratings on offer today.

The Stainless Lite HP SOL is supplied with all the necessary connections including two dry thermostat pockets.

25 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

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