Glowworm Clearly Solar A-frame pack

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Glowworm Clearly Solar Flat Roof A Frame Packs

Solar Panel

The Glow-worm Clearly Solar Flat Plate Collectors (part of the Clearly Solar system) give high efficiencies from a large absorber area of 2.35m2, robust construction from toughened glass and laser welding, whilst the slim line frame gives it a total footprint of just 2.51m2 and at 38kg it is one of the lightest flat plates on the market.

Clearly Solar Flat Plate Collectors are available to order for either on-roof or in-roof installations in either small (1 panel), medium (2 panel) or large (3 panel) packs for either horizontal or vertical installations. The flat plate packs also include the controller, pumps station, expansion vessel, solar fluid, hydraulic connections and roof brackets.

• Black anodised aluminium frame
• Serpentine absorber made of copper
• Solar glass thickness 3.2mm (tough and resistant to vandalism)
• Absorber laser welded and not soldered, suitable for high temperature
• High selective absorber coating
• 10 year warranty on Clearly Solar Collector

• Dimensions 1.23 x 2.03m
• Gross collector area 2.51m2
• Absorber surface areas 2.35m2
• Low flat plate weight only 38kg
• Total depth 80mm achieving low protrusion

• Leading performance flat plate collector
• Light transmission 91%
• Solar radiation absorption 95%
• Solar radiation emission 5%
• Shutdown temperature 210ºC
• 40mm insulation for improved efficiency

• Horizontal and vertical collectors available
• Mounting accessories for pitched roofs
(On roof and In roof)
• A-frame for flat roofs

Clearly Solar controller

Easy to use and intelligent solar controller – the brains of the operation. Uses solar gain modulation to steadily pulse the solar fluid into the bottom coil of the cylinder, ensuring that the boiler does not fire up until it really has to.

Clearly Pump Station

Compact 3 speed pump which can match the flow rate of a wide range of properties.
• 6m head pump
• Integrated flow meter
• 2 check valves ensures the heat stays in the cylinder rather than transferring back to the collector
• Expansion vessel connection
• Integrated flow adjuster and meter

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Type: thermal kits

Vendor: Glowworm

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