Graf Antique Amphora Terracotta

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Graf Antique Amphora Terracotta.
Available in three colours including terracotta, sand stone and dark granite, this hard-wearing, weather resistant 250 litre amphora water butt provides a stylish yet effective way to collect and store rainwater, that you can then use to hydrate plants around the home, in the garden or allotment. Using stored rainwater means you can save money on your mains supply and protect the environment.

This amphora water butt with integrated plant cup has been pre-fitted with an inlet seal and threaded connection for a tap, so there’s no need for any drilling. Includes two brass threads.

The water butt has been constructed from durable plastic.

The Terracotta and Sand Stone options come supplied with a brass tap. The Dark Granite is supplied with a chrome tap

Please note: a down pipe rain collector is not included.

Simply choose your rain collector to complete your kit. Click here to view our range

Antique amphora 250 l/66 US gallons

ø max. 70 cm | Width above handles 79 cm Height 108 cm | Weight 15 kg

Terracotta order no. 211601

Antique amphora 360 l/95 US gallons

ø max. 78 cm | Width above handles 88 cm Height 120 cm | Weight 20 kg

Terracotta order no. 211602

Antique amphora 600 l / 158 US gallons

ø max. 92 cm | Width above handles 104 cm Height 142 cm | Weight 30 kg

Terracotta order no. 211612

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