Honeywell Evohome Base Pack

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Honeywell Evohome Base Pack ATP921R3100

The Evohome Base Pack consists of an Evohome controller, power lead and stand plus a wireless relay box. A zoning pack is available so that you can create additional heating zones and a Remote Access gateway to provide remote control of the heating is available separately.

When zoning is not required The evohome controller (when used with the Remote Access Gateway) can be used as an internet connected programmable thermostat in its own right
Wireless room thermostats are also available
Wireless under floor heating controls and an extension module are available
Single additional radiator controllers are available as are additional wireless relay boxes
Replacement Evohome controllers can be purchased
Extra covers, a replacement table mount and a wall mounting kit are also available
From this list of options you can see that you can build up a sophisticated zoning control system that will suit most properties.

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