RM S Class 20 Solar On Roof Kit

Price includes Vat and free delivery.

RM Solar systems will enable you to enjoy litres of free hotwater almost everyday and will give you many years of service. It is probably the most environmentally friendly product available for the home and can be installed in order to provide you with free hot water without endangering our precious environment or contributing to global warming.

The panels are mounted on or in the roof and are made from fully recyclable materials. The casing is rust proof and the collector is covered with safety glass that is hailstone resistant. Inside the panel is a corrosion resistant absorber plate and a copper heat transfer tube.

The panels contain a special forumulated harmless glycol solution that is within a sealed heat transfer system. The pipework for this system is covered with very tough temperature resistant insulation to prevent heat loss. The heat is carried through this pipework and then pumped through your hot water cylinder to heat up the stored water.

We believe that solar thermal offers the best alternative in renewable energy with real pay back oppertunities and with our panels a long lasting low maintenance product which will save you money for many years to come.

There are two major things to look out for when buying solar panels, as there are many inferior products out there.

The first is the guarantee. This must be at least 10 years, this will assure the homeowner of real payback prospects, and will ensure a problem free solution for years to come. RM Solar supply a range of panels with 10 year guarantees as well as market leading 20 year guarantees.

The second is to ensure that the panels have the relevent certification, this comes in the form of MCS accreditation or Solar Keymark accreditation. RM Solar’s products are always Solar Keymark accredited, this means they will always be acceptible under any current and future government incentives such as RHI.

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