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Smart Connection – Easy Handling!

The Smart Box enables the controlling of “smart Sol” (from model "Access" on) or “smart Sol plus” by remote access via internet and intranet. Thus, one can easily operate those controllers and the solar thermal plant (via PC or tablet) while sitting in the living room or even during holidays (via Smart Phone).

The "smart Box" offers above all companies specialized in maintenance and service of solar thermal plants various possibilities.
There is a huge range of functions available:

Display of the current hydraulic plant system
Evaluation and graphical visualization of the log data
(solar yields, CO2 savings, temperatures, volume flows, behaviour of actuators)
Quick and comfortable parameterization
Online-operation of the controller
Remote-controlled update of the smart Sol control software and the smart Box function software
All functions on the smart Box are also available as local PC-software "smart Sol analyzer",
therefore a direct USB connection from the terminal device ( e.g. notebook) to the control is necessary.

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Type: solar controls

Vendor: smart sol

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