Smart Sol Plus solar controller

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Smart Sol Plus solar controller with up to 10 temperature inputs and 5 outputs controls complex solar thermal plants for drinking water heating and heating support with upt to 2 collector arrays or 4 tanks.There are 2 models with different hardware available.

During the first installation settings the controller proposes the proper hydraulic system from its total 30. Those are visualised by the full graphic 3,5' TFT colour display.

4 heat meters allow the logging of the solar yield on a calculative basis, by means of up to 4 pulse encoders or by using up to 2 vortex sensors; the solar yield is displayed in kWh and additionally as a bar diagram. Data interfaces for SD or USB are the standards.

It is the premium controller for complex plant as it offers the following attributes:
Activation of up to 4 high efficiency pumps, speed control of pumps, integration of different sensor systems, multilingualism, the energy saving switching power supply and the clever interaction of anti-legionella function, back-up heating and disable of the tank recharge.

15% higher efficiency of the plant is reached by sun radiation forecasts which leads to saving of primary energy and in addition by efficient tank recharge that saves pump current.

"smart Sol plus" - the plus of "smart Sol"

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Type: solar controls

Vendor: smart sol

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