Solaris PG20 Ready-To-Use Propylene Glycol Solar Fluid

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Ready-To-Use Non-Toxic Extreme Temperature Rated Heat Transfer Fluid with Antifreeze Function. Specifically formulated for Solar Panels, Solaris PG20 is Based on Propylene Glycol and Reversibly Evaporable Inhibitors to prevent corrosion, scaling and biological fouling.

Solaris PG20 has been especially formulated for use in Solar Panels in Solar Thermal Heating Systems. It is able to operate efficiently at 170°C for prolonged periods and withstand temperatures of 200°C for short periods. It contains reversibly evaporable inhibitors that are capable of withstanding stagnation temperatures of 300°C whilst protecting all metals used in Solar Thermal Heating Systems.

Solaris PG20 freeze protects Solar Panels down to -20°C.

Type: solar fluid

Vendor: Hydratech

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