Speedfit UFH Kit to cover 20m² - JGUFHPACK20/3

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Speedfit UFH Kit to cover 20m² - JGUFHPACK20/3

For conservatories or room extensions up to 20sq metres.

The Speedfit Underfloor Heating System has been designed to be quick and easy to install with components designed and manufactured to ISO9001 and DIN4726. The Speedfit System has hot water pumped from a boiler to a pump pack, where it is mixed to approximately 50°C then distributed via a manifold to heating circuits made using Speedfit Barrier Pipe.

In concrete floors, the pipe is laid on insulation and then covered with a screed on which can be laid almost any type of floor covering. For timber floors, spreader plates are laid between the joists and the floor decking or on the underside of the floor. Speedfit pipe is pushed into the grooves on the plates. The floor area is typically between 25°C and 28°C, providing an even distribution of heat at only slightly higher than room temperature.

A wide range of electrical components means The System can have as much or as little control as required.

Pack Contents:

1 x 15mm x 150m Coil Polybutylene Pipe
1 x Single Room Control Unit
1 x Aura Programmable Room Thermostat
200 x 15mm Pipe Clips
2 x 15mm Pipe Inserts

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